Heading into the home stretch!

8 days. 8 days until the end of the school year. It seems so close… Yet there’s one big hurdle standing in the way – Finals. I have three of them – in English, math, and science. I took my AP Computer Science exam last Friday, and I think I did well. As for the other three, I need to do well on most of them if I want to finish with a 4.16 GPA. I’m not worried about my math and science finals so much as my English final, but I’ll need to still put in a decent amount of studying for math and science (English is just a class presentation rather than a written final).

I’m already looking ahead to the summer, and looking at our travel plans, I can tell it will most definitely be one of the best summers of my life. We plan to travel to Texas, then scale the east coast before coming back to Colorado in August.

It seems as though the school year has gone on forever, but in actuality it’s only been 9 months. I’ve gotten my morning routine down, waking up at 6 AM, packing my school bag, eating breakfast, and occasionally doing the dishes. Although I wake up at 6 on most days, that doesn’t mean I can’t sleep in. On weekends/holidays I’ve slept in as late as 11:30. It’ll be nice to have summer vacation and not have to wake up that early.

I’m still counting down the days, as I have since school began (On the first day of school, I was like “Only 284 more days of school left!”). I’ll be writing another blog post after school ends reflecting on the past school year, so hopefully that one can make up for this one and its sub-par content (in my opinion).

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