Happy Birthday Noah!

Exploring a cave in 2014

Happy 15th Birthday to my best friend, Noah Hall! Now I’m going to write as if I’m speaking directly to him for some reason. We’ve had some amazing adventures together, and I look forward to having more in the future. We’ve also built a lot of things together (some turning out good, some turning out… really weird… like that sled we made in July 😛 ), and those times are some of the best memories I have.

Thanks for always adventuring and exploring with me. There’s been so many fun times when we just did random stuff that turned out to be fun, like when we crawled underneath your house just to see what was under there, when we build a fort in the rain on your front porch, or even more recently, when we attempted to build the pinball machine!

Building the pinball machine!

I also think your love for adventure is awesome. It’s so cool that we both got the chance to travel the country and see things most kids don’t ever get to see. I’m grateful for your friendship, and can’t wait to see you again (COME UP TO COLORADO). Happy 15th!



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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Noah!

  1. Happy birthday Noah! How’s it going, Gabe? I really enjoy watching your snowboarding videos! Nice pics :p (I especially like the cave one, lol).

      1. Pretty good, thanks! We have been staying busy with music and school. Your Imagine Dragons song on the piano sounds really awesome! A Colorado trip would be sooo much fun :). Next time you guys come down to Texas, we all need to get together at the new Bahama Bucks in Tyler!

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