Back to the grind…

Well… Only 275 days until the last day of school! Yay. Positivity.

Summer was amazing. With all the amazing places we visited over the last 3 months, it’s easy to lose myself reflecting on nostalgic memories, especially when comparing to… school. Today marks the first day of the second week of school for me, and I can already tell, this year is going to be much different than last year. I like half my teachers, and most of the other ones I can put up with for the rest of the year.

There are a few significant changes from last year for me. First and foremost: AP World History. Now, I’ve only had the class a few times so far, but I can already tell it is going to be more challenging than any of my previous or current classes. I know it’s going to be hard, and I’m prepared for that, so I think I’ll be fine.

Unfortunately, since I didn’t take PE last year, I’m required to take it this year. Which means PE 1, with all the freshmen. Which sucks. I can’t think of a more pointless class for those who actively participate in sports. But, I’m required to take it, so I can put up with it for one semester.


That’s it for my sophomore school year for today. So then, back to the past. From the time we got back to Breckenridge up until school started, we did a lot. We hung out with Team Summit on an amazing in-ground trampoline, I helped stop a theft at YoYoLoco before having an awesome YoYo Night yoyo playing and performing, and we hiked Mt. Elbert, the tallest 14er in Colorado for my mom’s birthday. We took a quick week-long trip down to Texas, where we stayed with our grandparents, I got my driving permit, attempted to run a 6 minute mile in 100+ degree weather (I ran 6:02) and had an amazing day with the Halls at Six Flags. I even took a trip down to Austin, where I hung out with my friends Sage and Calvin, and we went cliff jumping. Even though I broke my thumb and lost my GoPro at the same time, it was still the best day of the end of summer, what with climbing an abandoned building and jumping off cliffs in Barton Creek and bridges into Lake Austin. If you haven’t watched my video on Instagram, check it out here!

Last week, we had an extremely fun poker night with our friends the Rizzo’s, and I improved my Texas Hold ‘Em skills throughout. Before playing, we had played airsoft in our front/back/side yard until we couldn’t see anymore, which was also a blast.

I’ve also been running a ton, which is mandatory now that I’m on the cross country team 😛 I’ve had two meets plus one pre-season scrimmage, and they’ve all been for the most part pretty good. The first official meet was last week, and I thought I did pretty well. I ran a 6:45 first mile, 6:55 second mile, didn’t keep track of the third mile, and finished in 22:01. I ranked around 155th out of 319, and I was okay with that as it was my first meet.

Running my first cross country race!

My second meet just occurred yesterday at CMC in Leadville, and it was a significantly harder course than the first one. The course started with two laps of a big hill, then went down to a winding, hilly loop that finished at the finish. I ran an extremely slow and conservative 7:40 first mile, then ran a 6:50 second mile, and again didn’t keep track of my third mile. The race was a JV/Open race for me, as I hadn’t qualified for varsity at the previous meet, so I placed pretty well, taking 13th out of 75. I finished in a time of 22:38, which was around what I predicted I would get.

Other than that, it’s just been a stereotypical few weeks, with school, weekends, sports, and lots and lots of homework, which is probably what I should be doing now. Snowboarding season starts in around 2 months, and I can’t wait (figuratively)!

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