Leaving Seattle, going to the Olympic Peninsula

Trip post #21
Location: Seattle

Geocaches: 189

Today we got ready and packed up. We practiced soccer with Theo and his coach Stu and then we had lunch with the Millers, who have been traveling around the world since 2008. Their site is http://www.edventureproject.com and they have kids who are 17, 15, 13 and 11. After lunch they left and we rode the big Ferris wheel downtown.

We had awesome time in Seattle, with Geocaching HQ, The Tom Bihn Headquarters, playing with the homeschool group, practicing soccer with Theo, having Halloween and Isaac’s birthday here, and riding the ferry just to name a few. Tomorrow we’re taking a ferry to the Olympic Peninsula.

PS: I just realized this post has no witticisms, funniness, or parentheses! UNACCEPTABLE! (Funny witticisms inside parentheses go here)

Memorization of pi: 3.14159265358979323846264388327950 I’VE ACTUALLY MEMORIZED THAT MUCH! When I write it down I’m amazed at the length.

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