This post is about what happened last night on Easter when we got stuck in a snow bank with no service out in the middle of nowhere..   Last night was crazy. Yesterday started out great, we got some Easter baskets and my two favorite things from there were a Starbucks Refresher and Divergent, theContinue reading “Trip Post #39: ALWAYS BE PREPARED!”

Leaving Seattle, going to the Olympic Peninsula

Trip post #21 Location: Seattle Geocaches: 189 Today we got ready and packed up. We practiced soccer with Theo and his coach Stu and then we had lunch with the Millers, who have been traveling around the world since 2008. Their site is and they have kids who are 17, 15, 13 and 11.Continue reading “Leaving Seattle, going to the Olympic Peninsula”

Our trip post 8: Location: Spokane, Washington

Today I woke up (Wow, that’s the 4365th day I’ve done that!), Facetimed friends in Austin, watched the rest of “Catch me if you can”, read Artemis Fowl, then went biking with the family. We biked to Albertsons on the way back. Isaac and Jadyn played with Justine. We’re leaving Spokane to go to Seattle(GEOCACHINGContinue reading “Our trip post 8: Location: Spokane, Washington”