Trip Post #45: Hiking, running, more hiking, more running, etc

Location: Eugene, OR Geocaches: 293   Well, we’re back in Eugene, running, hiking, existing, and being awesome more than ever! Let’s see, we did the Discovery Run, a 6 mile hike in the rain, a 2 mile hike with waterfalls, and today, a 4 mile run beside a river. I explained all this on my Google+Continue reading “Trip Post #45: Hiking, running, more hiking, more running, etc”


This post is about what happened last night on Easter when we got stuck in a snow bank with no service out in the middle of nowhere..   Last night was crazy. Yesterday started out great, we got some Easter baskets and my two favorite things from there were a Starbucks Refresher and Divergent, theContinue reading “Trip Post #39: ALWAYS BE PREPARED!”