Trip Post #45: Hiking, running, more hiking, more running, etc

Location: Eugene, OR

Geocaches: 293


Well, we’re back in Eugene, running, hiking, existing, and being awesome more than ever! Let’s see, we did the Discovery Run, a 6 mile hike in the rain, a 2 mile hike with waterfalls, and today, a 4 mile run beside a river. I explained all this on my Google+ Profile, so you can read about that there.

Today was awesome! We did that 4 mile hike I said a few sentences ago, ate awesome pizza comparable to Home Slice back in Austin, got some Voodoo Donuts (Turns out they’re in Eugene too!), watched Mr Peabody and Sherman in the theater while mom and dad worked, and to top it off, went roller blading at a rink and came back to our hotel. Also, we’ve been seeing bumper stickers and stuff that say “Keep Portland weird!” (Copiers of Keep Austin Weird!). I decided to research this (as always) a few seconds ago and it turns out Keep Portland Weird was derived from Keep Austin Weird, brought over in 2003.

Overall, today was awesome! Now we’re back in our hotel, posting and listening to music. I’m finishing up school, so I’ll be narrating some of my books. Here’s the links to Keep Austin Weird and Keep Portland Weird on my favorite site, Wikipedia.

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