The Cricket on the Hearth: Narration

I recently finished Cricket on the Hearth by Charles Dickens, and since I have to do a narration on a book today, I decided to do it on this. One of my thoughts while reading this was “The Cricket takes almost no part in the entire story!” and it dosen’t, only chirping occasionally with the kettle!. He dosen’t do anything!!!(Except for the time he turned into his true form (an angel) and showed John visions of his wife). I am now done raging at the cricket for being boring. On with the narration then!


Thrice upon two times (Hmmm… What did I do wrong here? :), there once lived a Carrier(I’m guessing that means postman) named John Peerybingle and his wife . (Dot). There was also a cricket just sitting there on the hearth and an old miser named Tackleton (who owns a toy shop called Gruff and Tackleton (Gruff died)) and his employee, Caleb Plumber, who has a blind daughter named Bertha and a son Edward, who went to war in South America and is presumed to be dead.

Edward was supposed to be married to May Fielding before he left, but he had to leave before he could marry her. Caleb has been deceiving his daughter, which he thinks is for the better, making everything seem better than it is. One day a old man who appears to be deaf asks for lodging at the Peerybingles. John and Dot let him and he lodges at their house. Now Tackleton, one day tells John that he is going to be marrying May, who, you remember was supposed to marry Edward. May does not want to marry Tackleton, but May’s Mother wants her to because Tackleton has money. Tackleton tells John that his wife is cheating on him and shows him her with the old man, apparently kissing each other. The Cricket shows John that his wife really does love him and Dot, the next day, tells John that the old man is wearing a wig and fake beard and actually is Edward Plummer, who you should remember, should be dead.

Edward goes to his father and there is much rejoicing. Edward marries May an hour before she was scheduled to marry Tackleton. After their wedding, they go to the Peerybingles. Dot tells John that she was not actually cheating on him, but telling Edward what had happened with May when he was gone. Caleb tells Bertha that he was lying about how perfect everything is and she breaks down crying, but eventually forgives him. One of Tackleton’s servants knocks on the door, bringing a wedding cake, saying that Tackleton does not need it anymore. Later the servant knocks again, bringing toys for children, and soon, Tackleton himself comes over and he eventually gets over Edward marrying May. Then there is much rejoicing and they all eat cake, and the story ends with the Cricket on the Hearth chirping…



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