Snow Skating at Beaver Creek, and Boarding at Breck

On Saturday, we went with Team Summit to Beaver Creek, where Matt got a hold of some Snow Skates for us to ride that day!

I got the hang of it pretty quick, but it was kind of weird not to be strapped in. It’s kinda like skateboarding, but you’re off the ground more. I have a few videos of us, but here’s just one of me:

And, if you can’t see it, here’s the link:

Youtube Link

We did a lot of park runs with our Snow skates, and I went off a few boxes, and some jumps (not that I got any air off of them…), and it was really fun.

On Sunday, we went to Breckenridge, and I got to practice my 540’s, never fully landing one perfectly, but I was really close.

That’s basically my only goal before the end of season, which actually, sadly, is really close. Keystone and Beaver Creek close this Sunday, so we’ll probably get some riding in before then. Breck, Vail, Copper and the others close next week. And Arapahoe Basin should be open till we leave.

We have our last Team Summit weekend this week, which is sad. I think we’ve still had an AMAZING snowboard season overall, and I look forward to coming back next year.

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