Last day with Team Summit, at Breckenridge

Yesterday was our last day with Team Summit, not to mention Keystone’s closing day… Which is kinda sad. We went to Breck yesterday, and spent about an hour hiking one box to practice tricks on, and Sam took a lot of video of us, which I’ll probably upload up on here once I get them off my GoPro. After that, we ate lunch at Subway, and after that, we basically spent the rest of the day in Park Lane, I did the pipe most of the time, but I got a few park runs in. I’ll probably put some video of the pipe on here too…. But that’s later. I aired out of the pipe twice, but usually I just got to the top.  Jadyn is doing really good in pipe, and will probably compete in that next year. We got an EpicMix photo, which is this one right here:

Team Summit EpixMix


From left to right, Jadyn (top left), Isaac (left), Henry (middle), Alina (right), Matt (bottom left), Me (bottom left middle), Sam (bottom right middle), and Terri (bottom right).

The last day was just fun, I didn’t really push it to try to finally land a 540 (I hit my head the past two days, and was really sore…), but I did a LOT of grabs…. I think at the end of the season I’ll make a list of what I learned, and put a link to a video of me doing the trick.

Getting ready for our last run

Our last run, Terri did a backflip for us, which was awesome, and then we went to the pipe, which was really fun the whole day.

Dad finishing the pipe
Dad finishing the pipe

On Saturday, Dad rode around with us, and he got into the pipe, which was cool. Sam was trying to teach him how to jump in the small park, which was fun to watch.

Sometime soon, I gotta start work on our snowboarding video for this year. I’m going to try and limit it to 5 minutes, 30 seconds max, cause our last one was kinda extensive… That’s going to be hard, I got so much good footage from my GoPro this season. Well, that was our last day with Team Summit, we’re going to miss it a lot, but until next year, we’re done.



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  1. Gabe! Thanks for writing this! As I read, I could picture you telling it!! It was almost, not quite, but almost as good as a face to face meeting after one of your adventures. I always enjoy hearing the excitement in your voice afterwards, and I love hearing your stories! Way to persevere and get over your hurdles! 🙂
    Miss you!

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