Boardercross at Ski Cooper

Well, another season of competing is underway, and we’re having a blast! We just raced our first two boardercross events this last weekend, and I had a great time competing again. I placed 7th the first day, I think out of 13, or something like that, and the second day I placed 6th. I felt like the first day was a good day, I made it out of my first heat and into semifinals, in which I took last, but the only reason I made it to semifinals in the first place was because of luck. In my first race, the second place guy fell, and I overtook him, and therefore, I got to advance. Here’s a video of the quarterfinals, in which I took 2nd.

Jadyn was pretty sad, she took 3rd the first day, and 4th the next day. She got first place in her time trial, and was in first for the first part of the race, but fell on a turn, and everyone passed her.

On Saturday, Isaac fell on his time trial and got second to last. And on Sunday, he had a slow start and took second to last again.


Overall though, it was a fun time racing. I made a new YouTube channel for all my snowboarding videos, which is generically titled “GabeShreds”. If you can’t see the videos here, go visit the channel here

We have another boardercross this weekend, starting tomorrow, and I’m going to try and get above 7th both times, and see if that will get me to nationals. We’re all cheering for Jadyn, and I’m sure she’ll redeem herself and win this weekend.


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