Boardercross at Crested Butte!

So, I just got back from competing at Crested Butte, and I had a great time. I’m nervously waiting to see if I get a nationals invitation, because I’m right on the edge of the amount of people invited. We all competed on Friday and Saturday, and I decided to stay with a friend and got to compete on Sunday.

On Friday, Jadyn got first out of three, and Isaac got sixth out of seven, making what he called the “sketchiest pass ever”, passing one person and putting him in sixth. After taking last in the time trials, I made it out of the quarterfinals, and into semifinals. I lost in the semifinals, and then in the consolation finals, everyone crashed, and I got hit off-course, which made me end up in last, taking 8th out of 9 overall.

Isaac's Time Trial
Isaac’s Time Trial

At awards afterwards, we won some cool stuff in the giveaway. Jadyn even got picked for the new Never Summer Swift snowboard! Isaac won a windbreaker jacket, which is about three sizes too big, but that didn’t stop him from wearing it a few days ago when we went out snowskating (he looked like a balloon :P)

Jadyn winning the snowboard
Jadyn winning the snowboard

On Saturday, I’m just going to say that we did worse than Friday 😛 Isaac and I both took last place, which sucked, and Jadyn placed second out of three. At the giveaway, I won a cool rainbow neck gator/face mask, and a extra small shirt, which I gave to Jadyn 😛 Isaac won some socks too, and after the awards, my parents and siblings left and I went up to my friend Kurt’s hotel room, and we waxed and edged our boards. After that, we went to the pool and hung out with all our competitors and played around with a football.

Me in my time trial on Sunday
Me in my time trial on Sunday

The next morning on Sunday, we got woken up super early by a fire alarm, which was annoying, because it was a false alarm… But anyways, we went straight to the boardercross course afterwards, and the 30 minutes extra sleep we could’ve had didn’t bother us for the rest of the day. In the semifinals, I was neck and neck with a competitor, both of us fighting for a spot in the finals. I ended up losing by a board length, and got put in the consolation. By now it had started snowing, not to mention a fog cloud ominously moving in… We basically couldn’t see anything. It started clearing up before the final, but everyone was still going SUPER slow. I was in second for most of the consolation final, but saw my chance, cut in, and won it, placing me in 5th overall.

I had a great time competing, and while it’s not probable I’m going to get a nationals invitation, I’m still hoping for one. I ended up in 95th out of 210 people in the Youth Men (14-15) age group for the season.

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