Track League Championships, Battle Mountain

I finished the track season with a league championship, in which I ran the 100, 4×100 and the 800m Medley. I qualified 5th for the 100 in qualifiers, and they took the top 8. I had an awesome race, and I took 3rd, with a time of 13.33 seconds. My next race was the 4×100,Continue reading “Track League Championships, Battle Mountain”

Battle Mountain Track Meet Qualifiers

Yesterday I had another track meet, which were the qualifiers for the finals, which are on Tuesday. The High Jump didn’t have qualifiers, so this was the finals for it. I did the High Jump and the 100, cause my other 2 events, the 4×100 and the Sprint Medley automatically move to Tuesday for some reason.Continue reading “Battle Mountain Track Meet Qualifiers”

Track Meets, Team Summit, and Our Trip To Boulder

Last Saturday, we had a pretty crazy day. I woke up at 6:10 (REALLY LATE), and the bus left for the track meet at 6:20, but Dad just packed up really quick, and gunned it down the road to the school. We caught the bus just as it was leaving the school, and I gotContinue reading “Track Meets, Team Summit, and Our Trip To Boulder”